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I am not currently selling items off eBay/Paypal. Apologies for the Inconvenience.

Autobots For Sale on eBay
Dinobots $15.00
Powermaster Optimus Prime Upgrade $14.50
Omega Sentinel $21.00
Sky Lynx (Orange Lion Head) $18.00
Sky Lynx (Yellow Lion Head) $18.00
Omega Supreme and Sky Lynx (Orange Lion Head) $37.00
Omega Supreme and Sky Lynx (Yellow Lion Head) $37.00
Computron Upgrade $8.50
Defensor Upgrade $5.50

Superion Upgrade $7.00

Metroplex $30.00
Metroplex and Trypticon $60.00
Fortress Maximus $37.00

Items may not be available, ebay lists current inventory count. Contact me to place an order. Paypal "Send Money to friends or family" only for below pricing.
Flat shipping: $3.00 (US only) No additional shipping for additional items. See top of page for more information and terms.
Decepticons For Sale on eBay
Buzzsaw $5.50
Laserbeak $5.50
Ravage $5.50
Decepticon Cassette 3 Pack $12.00
Overlord $12.50
Abominus Upgrade $9.50

Bruticus Upgrade $5.50


Devastator Upgrade $5.50

Menasor Upgrade $6.00
Monstructor $14.00
Piranacon Upgrade $10.00
Predaking Upgrade $7.00
Trypticon $34.00
Metroplex and Trypticon $60.00
Scorponok $42.00


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