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Predaking Upgrade 2.0
Predacon Combiner Upgrade - on eBay
Set Pieces: 63 LEGO parts, 1 kreon heads/helmets - This is just an upgrade for Kreon Predaking. Kreon Predaking REQUIRED. Blind bag figure Rampage which is not included with Predaking - NOT REQUIRED!!
2 extra Kreon combiner appendages are included. Some of the first release combiners have weaker joints. Only the gray part needs to be replaced in those cases if you put stickers on the black part.

Points of Articulation: Articulation same as with original Predaking except for some arm movement limitations due to the increased arm size and the chest shield restricts movement some too. Divebomb wings and head move up and down. Predaking wings move back and forward.

Upgrades: New chest plate, forearm, shoulder parts, back cannons, cannon extension, new sword, larger wings for Predaking, head with horns for Tantrum. Forearm and shoulder parts can become Divebomb and Rampage alt modes.

Predaking Upgrade 2.0 is an updated version of Predaking Upgrade (no longer available). New, larger wings for Predaking have been added. An additional part to help keep the main lion head on has been added. Rampage head has also be replaced with LEGO pieces

Predaking 2.0 Upgrade Instructions

Predaking combined mode, G1 toy and Marvel comic images - click on the picture to view the larger version

Upgrade kit, Divebomb and Rampage Alternate modes with Predaking parts (wings) - click on the picture to view the larger version

Alternate modes

Predaking 2.0 VS Sky Lynx 2.0 - click on the picture to view the larger version

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