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Slamdance (Raindance and Grand Slam)
Autobot Cassette Combiner - on eBay.
Pieces: 61 LEGO parts (including 2 cassette tiles), 1 Ionix Core (Raindance), 2 Reprolabel Autobot Symbols

Points of Articulation: Tank Mode - Side "arms" can move up. Robot mode - Legs on ball joints - some articulation. Arms are on peg can can be moved up and down.

Slamdance Set: Parts are added and removed to make combined mode. Ionix part is reconfigured to make the legs.

Sizing: Raindance - 1 inch, Grand Slam - 1.75 inches, Slamdance - 3.75 inches to the top of the head. Custom Kreon Size Comparison

Slamdance Instructions

Raindance (jet), Grand Slam (tank), Slamdance (Combined), and G1 Toy - click on the picture to view the larger version

Slamdance out of the bag, back views- click on the picture to view the larger version

Autobot Cassettes and Cassette Battle - click on the picture to view the larger version


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