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Ravage and his namesake, Ravage!

About Ravage

Ravage was born April 1, 2002 in California. At least that's when I say his birthday was. He is a mini-pinscher chihuahua mix...I think.
He was rescued from the animal shelter December 1, 2002 by Derek (me!) and has been my loyal companion since.

It took me several days to come up with a proper name for him. So for a week, he went by several names: Nibbles, Biscuit, Crevice, Little Mermaid.. Finally I came up with Ravage, as he looks a little like the Transformer Ravage.

The resemblance is striking!

Ravage's Tricks

Ravage was a Hellion for a while.. but we learned how to make things work.

He has mastered many feats like Sit, Stay, Down, Come, Roll-over, Dance, Handshake, High-Five, Up, Turn around, Speak, Growl, Bang (play dead), and Head Stand (he's standing on all fours and puts his head between his legs)

Ravage has made several movies showing his tricks and acting skills on the Ravage's Movies Page.

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