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"Transformers: G1 and Beyond" takes place 20 years after the Marvel G1 Transformers Series ended with issue #80. Bludgeon is still in command of the remaining Decepticons after their devastating defeat on the planet Klo. I've been writing this story and changing it since the the G2 series ended. I tried to incorporate it after that series ended but spent too much time trying to undo almost everything they did so decided to go back to when it was best. Doesn't mean I'm not going to use any characters from it. Cough! G2 Megatron. Cough.

The comic begins on Earth. The Autobots, under the leadership of Optimus Prime, now cooperate with the US government to protect the Earth from the remaining Decepticon army. They have also shared certain techologies. The Ark has been repaired and construction of Autobot City is almost complete.

Cybertron has been rebuilding itself for the past 2 decades. These events began after the destruction of Primus and reactivation of the Last Autobot. Due to its instability during this process, neither Autobots nor Decepticons have dared recolonization until its completion. As a result, the fallen Transformers from Unicron's attack still remain scattered throughout the planet.

My Liberties:
I have taken some creative liberties. I will try to stay as true to the original G1 comic as much as possible and fill in any holes (if any).

  • Nucleon - I'm not saying it didn't happen. It did. But I did away with action masters. Optimus's power master has been rebuilt and Grimlock can transform again. So Nucleon is just an unstable energy source with unpredictable results.

  • Headmasters/Targetmasters/Powermasters - Once again, not saying it didn't happen. Since then the Nebulons have either parished or returned to their homeworld. No more humanoids controlling Transformers. There may be lasting effects of being part humanoid.

  • Weapons - Some Transformers have stronger weapons than others. Why not just give everyone a stronger gun? Or give humans weapons and win based on numbers? The technology and energy of the weapon still does influence the strength and destructive potential. The Transformer interfaces (through their hands/arms) into the weapon itself.

    Much of the power of the weapon is determined by the spark/lifeforce of the Transformer using it. This is also why some Transformers are stronger than others (regardless of size) and why gestalts/combiners are able to take a lot more damage than each individually. Transformers store their weapons in subspace when they transform or aren't using them. This is enabled by each Transformer's Transformation Cog. This process can be inhibited using a Subspace Dampener - A standard device used to keep prisoners from transforming or accessing their weapons.

  • Gestalts/Combiners - Combiners are the strongest of Transformers. Why not always be formed? Besides just using a lot of Energon, the process takes a big toll on the individual sparks. This limits the length of time a combiner group is able to be joined. The time can be extended but this risks the possibility of the members of the team to go into stasis lock. It would be more strategic to be in a weaker form than incapacitated.

    This is similar to Optimus Prime combining with his trailer. It's still only him combining, but he's adding additional size and power so this takes a toll on his spark and fuel reserves. Back when he was a powermaster, he was able to stay combined indefinately due to the additional power provided. That is no longer the case.

  • Pretenders - Only a few of these left. When the robot leaves the shell, the shell fades away and is stored in subspace, like the robots' weapons.

  • Deltas/Minions/Red Shirts - There are more Transformers than just all the regulars. They are called Deltas. They are weaker and are used as technicians and foot soldiers. As a Transformer gains more experience, his/her spark becomes more powerful. If a Delta's spark becomes powerful enough, he/she can be upgraded to an Alpha. One of the normal stronger Transformers. Then they can be transferred to a more powerful body. It's all inhibited by their spark or every Transformer would be built like Optimus Prime.

    Occassionally if a group of Deltas are similar enough as they become stronger, they may be able to be modified into Combiners. This is rare and has a very high spark extinguish rate.

  • Detail - I can't draw! Get over it. I'm just this for fun. I have a story that I want to tell because I'm a big Transformers fan. I could make the characters more detailed but with the number I need for my story, it isn't really possible. I also know nothing about cars. I'm doing my best to make it look like the toy and still have it transform but it's not going to look like any real car. If you can't get past the cartoony look that I'm going for then feel free not to read.

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