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About Custom Transformer Kreons (aka me blah blah blahing)
I had seen a custom Kreon Omega Supreme or two on ebay or other site. The price was too high, you had to paint it yourself, or I just wasn't all that impressed (Although the custom-molded, paint-yourself one was pretty cool and an inspiration for this cause it could transform). So using Kreon parts and LEGO Digital Designer, I decided to make my own. I didn't stop there, Sky Lynx was also missing so I made him too, although originally with legs entirely of Kreon Parts. Next was Monstructor - he uses the fewest LEGO parts but has several Kreon parts from multiple sets. Somewhere along the line I had the idea to "mass" produce these and got started wtih that.

Things went downhill from there when I discovered Ionix building sets and then made Trypticon, Metroplex, and the Cassettes (Ravage, Laserbeak, and Buzzsaw). Ionix surprised me with how high quality (and consistent) it was compared to Kreons. Autobot/Decepticon Symbols are used for the figures and have already been applied. What you see is what you get. **There may be some Kreon mini-figure color variations from time to time, but nothing drastic**

Update 3/18/2015: Thanks to some positive feedback (haha), I continued my work and made Scorponok and Fortress Maximus. Also finalized my design for Abominus Upgrade. Planning on doing upgrades for several of the kreon combiners (Superion, Bruticus, Devastator, and Defensor).

Update 7/27/2015: Thanks to more positive feedback and the results of Abominus, I made upgrades for all of the Kreon Combiners (Menasor, Predaking, Piranacon, Computron). An upgrade for Kreon Optimus Prime, making him Powermaster Optimus Prime (God Ginrai) has also been made. Added Overlord to oppose him, this figure is complete (not an upgrade like Prime). Because I'm going to be continuing the comics soon, it didn't seem right to not have the Dinobots so I made Dinobot alternate modes. The SDCC Kreon 2015 set with Dinobots is a coincidence and very lucky. Really happy about that set! I'm going to keep making customs (like alternate modes for Astrotrain and Blitzwing) but this last wave of customs is my last planned sale release. Going to focus on getting selling what I've got and working on the comic.

Update 10/23/2015: Since Sky Lynx and Omega Supreme were my first customs, I decided they needed to be updated. Omega Supreme 2.0 is now 100% LEGO and more stable than before. He's also a little bigger but still to scale with the other combiners. Sky Lynx 2.0 is mostly the same except has additional neck and tail articulation. After these are implemented, I can get back to working on the comic. Once I had the idea of making them better, I couldn't let it go and had to do it before the comic.

Update 11/20/2015: Sky Lynx 2.0 has been given a mouth (optional). Predaking 2.0 has also been given new wings, a new Rampage head (LEGO), and a piece that keeps Razorclaw's lion head on more securely. That darn thing always fell off and it was very frustrating. Ultra Magnus basic has also been added to the mix. He has a truck mode. He doesn't really convert but uses some of the robot mode pieces. His helmet is a LEGO piece, not a custom-made. Top Spin's helmet (and body) are actually perfect for the same armor/pieces but he only comes in the class of 1985 set so it's that helmet which is ok, just not as good as Top Spin's.

Update 12/10/2015: Monstructor 2.0 has been given the same treatment :)

Update 03/06/2016: Updating Metroplex, Scorponok, and Fortress Maximus. Gave them "faces" . I wasn't sure how I'd feel about it but it seems to really help add to the characters. The Kreon lion head was replaced with LEGO pieces with Sky Lynx 2.1. This mostly was because the head looked out of place but also to eliminated the multiple colors. Overlord was given a chest piece and another Decepticon Symbol. He looked a little incomplete.

Update 05/09/2016: Taking a break from Custom Kreon stuff to work on Mutt Strut Fundraising. Ravage's adventures can be seen here. Dr. Gizmoticus returns with a Puppy Monkey Baby monster. Ravage and Max get trapped in original Super Mario Bros.

Update 2016-06-12: Back to it. Voltron, Optimus Prime Trailer with Armor will be available for sale soon. Instructions online. Defensor has been updated too. First Aid has been replaced and a new weapon has been added.

Update 2016-07-24: Tales of the Custom Kreon Transformers #4 is finally out. It shouldn't be as long of a wait for issue #5. These do take a LOT longer than the original ones do because of all the backgrounds and floor tiles, etc... Setting up a larger story arc.

Update 2017-03-30: Tales of the Custom Kreon Transformers #5 is finally out. Big battles in this one so took quite a bit longer to do. Setting up a larger story arc.

Update 2017-08-09: Mostly everything has been clearanced out - focus on enjoying it. Still selling a few things but not mass producing much anymore. Mostly due to a lack of Kreon parts. New Decepticon Cassettes 2.0 are out. (now with Ratbat, finally!) New combiner pics and new Autobot Cassettes 2.0 to be posted soon.

The Kreon/Ionix core parts are not cheap, even when I got a good deal on them. LEGO parts aren't cheap, especially when buying from multiple vendors. There is not a big mark-up but I am trying to recover what I've put into this and make a little money for the time to collect and put all of these things together. If this was about money, getting a part-time job would have been more practical.. I won't say it wasn't fun though! Especially making the comic!! The characters for sale on ebay are all ready to go. You're not buying something I'll put together and get out to you a month later. They will usually ship within one business day (unless otherwise stated).

To see current items for sale, check out my eBay Page. Pricing may vary depending on part availability. Some characters are going to be more limited in numbers than others. I've been with eBay since 1998 and have been selling things off and on since 2001 as a collector and have a decent rating.

**These custom Kreons are intended for collectors. Only those with experience with Kreons (especially Kreon combiners) should purchase these.**

The quality should be assumed as around the level of Kreons with LEGO parts. (or an Ionix core with LEGO parts)
**I've been selling these since November 2014 and the reviews/feedback have been very good.**

Note: for some Kreon figures, the gray arm/hand connectors tend to warp a little and turn white. I don't consider that defective because that's most of the gray arm pieces but it is shown that way. Sometimes the ball joints for the mini-figures aren't as stiff as others but still work. It should be assumed that it's quite likely as it's a reality of some Kreon mini figures. These are ALL NEW Kreon sets (not used) and only have been purchased and opened new for this project. Some Kreon parts (arms/legs/connectors) have been thrown away if they don't work due too loose or so stiff the joint won't move. The Ionix parts seem to be higher quality than the Kreon parts. The LEGO and Ionix parts are also new and only purchased for this project.

Most characters have a Kreon/Ionix core with added LEGO parts. The Kreon figures that come with some of the sets are the exception (the parts on them are Kreon). SkyLynx is almost all LEGO parts except for the Lion head - available in 2 different colors - orange and yellow.

Instructions - Converting Figures
The instructions for converting these characters are posted and I suggest you check them out before purchasing anything to make sure it's something you're comfortable with. I made the conversions as simple as possible without very much taking the figures apart. The instructions don't show how to assemble everything from scratch.

The instructions aren't as involved as it seems because it's literally showing step-by-step. Each one can be done very quickly once you know how.


Characters Pictures of the various characters I've created and their Transformations
Comics Some short comics I put together with the custom and regular Kreons. Coming soon!!
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