Custom Kreon Sizing Information

Size comparisons of current and past custom kreons.
Kreon Sizing 4 - for new additions: Unicron and Transformers the Movie (1986) Ships, Mini Trypticon, Mini Metroplex, Unicron head

Kreon Sizing 3 - for new additions: Metroplex 2.0, Trypticon 2.0, Predaking 2.0, Cassettes 2.0

Kreon Sizing 2 - for new additions: Metroplex 1.5, Quintesson, Sharkticon, Autobot Cassettes, Optimus Trailer, Overlord, Squawkbox, Devastator 2.0

Kreon Sizing 1 - Metroplex, Trypticon, Sky Lynx, Voltron, Dinobots, Cassettes, Ultra Magnus, Omega Supreme 2.0

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