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Devastator Upgrade
Constructicon Combiner Upgrade - Replaced by Devastator 2.0
Set Pieces: 32 LEGO parts - This is just an upgrade for Kreon Devastator. Kreon Devastator REQUIRED for upgrade.

Points of Articulation: Articulation same as with original Devastator except for some arm movement limitations due to the increased arm size and the chest shield restricts movement some too.

Devastator Upgrades:
New chest plate, forearm, and shoulder parts, alternate foot (2x3 plate) for more stability. Forearm and shoulder parts can become Scavenger and Bonecrusher alt modes.

Devastator Upgrade Set Instructions

Devastator combined mode (toy and comic images from - click on the picture to view the larger version

Upgrade kit, Alternate modes with Kreon Devastator parts, and alternate (more stable 2x3) foot option - click on the picture to view the larger version

Alternate modes (Toy images from

Dinobots VS Devastator, Omega Supreme 2.0 VS Devastator with alt foot, Big combiner face-off- click on the picture to view the larger version

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