Custom Kreon Sizing Information 4

All measurements are of the floor to the top of the head and when the figure is standing in the pictured pose (the bottom of the text is the "line"). Assume a slight margin of measuring error.

Regular Kreons 1.75in - to give an idea of comparison
Regular Combiners - Computron/Abominus/other combiners 4.4in

Autobot Shuttle 3.75in long, 1.3in high
Clear LEGO stand piece 2in
Decepticon Ship 3.5in long, 1.7in high
Junkion Ship 2in long, 1.25 high
Kranix Ship 1.2in long
Mini-Metroplex 2.4in tall
Mini-Trypticon 2.5in tall
Omega Supreme 2.0/Devastator 2.0/Predaking 3.0 4.8in
Quintesson Judge/Prosecutor 1.75in
Quintesson Ship 2.4in long
Sharkticon - Almost 2 inches tall to the top of the spike when mouth is closed
Small Autobot Shuttle 1.8in long, 1.1in high
Sky Lynx (Combined mode) 4.5in
Trypticon 2.0 6.5in - Trypticon can stand tall or lean forward. It depends on how you position the legs and tail (he can stand taller than pictured).
Unicron Head (to the top of the horns) 1.5in Unicron/Metroplex 2.0/Fortress Maximus 2.0/Scorponok 2.0 7.5in
Unicron Planet 6.3in high, 4.9in wide

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