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Autobots - Click to see more pictures, information, and instructions For Sale on eBay                          Custom Kreon Sizing Comparison 1, 2, 3
Autobot Cassettes 2.0
Steeljaw and Ramhorn
Dinobots (Alt modes)
Grimlock, Swoop, Snarl, Slag, Sludge alternate modes.
Optimus Prime Trailer Upgrade
Trailer and Powermaster Armor Upgrade for Kreon Optimus Prime

Ultra Magnus
Autobot City Commander.

SlamDance (Cassette Combiner)
Raindance (jet) and Grand Slam combine into SlamDance

Powermaster Optimus Prime Upgrade
Autobot Leader with Apex Armor (God Ginrai)

Omega Supreme 2.0
Rocket Base/Transport/Guardian Robot
Most powerful of the Guardian Robots

Omega Sentinel 2.0
Rocket Base/Transport/Guardian Robot

Sky Lynx 2.1
Autobot Shuttle/Transport/Dinosaur
Lion and Bird modes combine


Kreon Computron Upgrade
Technobot Combiner Upgrade

Kreon Defensor Upgrade
Protectobot Combiner Upgrade
Land Cross
Multiforce Combiner

Road Caesar
Brainmaster Combiner

Kreon Superion Upgrade
Aerialbot Combiner Upgrade

Custom LEGO Voltron
Custom Voltron Combiner (not really an Autobot)

Metroplex 2.0
Autobot City/Battlestation/Titan
with Scamper and Slammer
. Version 2.0
Fortress Maximus 2.0
Autobot City/Battleship/Titan
with Headmaster Spike
. Version 2.0

Decepticons - Click to see more pictures, information, and instructions For Sale on eBay                         Custom Kreon Sizing Comparison 1, 2, 3
Decepticon Cassettes 2.0
Ravage, Laserbeak, Buzzsaw, Ratbat
Cougar, Vultures, Bat - Cassette Warriors and Spies
Quintesson Judge
Quintesson - 4 Faces of Darkness - Death, Rage, Laughter, Doubt
Quintesson Prosecutor
Sharkticon (Alt Mode)
Quintesson Foot Soldier

Squawktalk (Cassette Combiner)
Squawktalk (bird) and Beastbox combine into Squawktalk

Decepticon Warlord
Separates into tank and jet. Also converts into base mode.

Kreon Abominus Upgrade
Terrorcon Combiner Upgrade

Kreon Bruticus Upgrade
Combaticon Combiner Upgrade

Dinoforce Combiner

Devastator 2.0
Constructicon Combiner
Breastforce Combiner


Kreon Menasor Upgrade
Stuntacon Combiner Upgrade


Kreon Piranacon Upgrade
Seacon Combiner Upgrade

Kreon Predaking 3.0
Predacon combiner
Monstructor 2.0
Monstercon Combiner
Trypticon 2.0
Decepticon City/Battlestation/Dinosaur
with Full-Tilt and Brunt
. Version 2.0
Scorponok 2.0
Decepticon City/Battlestation/Scorpion
with Headmaster Lord Zarak
, Version 2.0

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